About Us

Nomad Family is a global community for families who travel and raise their family while working remotely. Nomad Family provides a place to share stories and experiences, a place to support each other during their journey “on the road”.

With the growing possibility of working remote via the internet, a new family lifestyle has emerged, the rise of Nomad Families. Families around the world are taking advantage of earning their income online and freeing themselves for the traditional 9-to-5 job mentality, in search of a more balanced life.

There are already dozens of families who took the step and realized their dreams. Families that are planning to have a little one, but also families traveling with nine kids, families with special needs (like disabilities) and families that want to bring their pets along the way.

Living in luxury hotels, house sitting for locals, sailing the ocean in a boat or touring around in a recreational vehicle (RV), the possibilities are endless.

The idea of traveling full time with a family can be overwhelming at first, but it might proof easier that you imagined up front. Of course, it does come with unique challenges, the traveling itself, raising kids, staying in touch with friends and family. It requires you to develop a more relaxed mindset and learn to adapt to changes constantly. Fortunately, the unique experiences and rich memories that this lifestyle offers are absolutely priceless.

Nomad Family is here to help you build relationships with like-minded people, to discover different approaches to overcome the challenges that traveling with a family brings and to explore adventures from all over the world. We are a global community committed to empowering all Nomad Families to achieve their ambitions.

Hop on and broaden your horizon!

About the Founders

When started traveling Gawin and Brenda Brave found a lot of information on traveling as singles or couples. Finding trustworthy information on full-time traveling while raising a family proved to be a challenge. Brenda started sharing stories on Youtube and Twitter, which lead to the idea to create a community for families to really connect.

Brenda is responsible for all daily activities, communication and social strategy of Nomad Family. She grew up in a small town in the countryside of Netherlands, from there she moved to chase an ambitious career in Amsterdam. She combined her full-time job in the financial industry (financial adviser and coach) with a part-time study and a board membership for two organizations.

As board member ICA she was responsible for the organization of engaging events that contributed to the personal development of more than 40.000 Young Professionals. Brenda was also a guest lecturer at 'Bank in front of the class' (a collaboration between the main Dutch banks), in which she teach children how to manage money. She is now writing her first e-book.

Gawin oversees the design and implementation of Nomad Family. Growing up in an entrepreneurial family Gawin started his first internet business at the age of twelve. After becoming the Dutch national Lego building champion he played team handball on a professional level for several years. Besides having several successful businesses Gawin also has a passion for contributing to projects that help making the world a better place. Projects he worked on are archive.org, mostly know for the way back machine. As CTO he was responsible for the strategy behind Phonebloks (later Google Project Ara), a concept for a modular smartphone. With a social reach of 380,000,000 people around the world, Phonebloks was one of the most successful social media campaigns of all time and received multiple awards, like the Design of the Year award (2014). As a speaker Gawin has spoken all over the world, his passion lies in technical innovation, coaching and motivating groups and minimalism.

Gawin and Brenda, together with their daughter Eliza, travel the world as minimalist, traveling with only two 7 kilogram backpacks. That is 14 kilogram (31 lbs) for the whole family!

Gawin, Brenda & Eliza


ps. We'd love to hear from you via a Nomad Family message, you can ask us anything :)